UNDO [ Zukunft 19.01.2013 @ Bazaar ]

Dj, producer and label owner, Undo is a man of many faces. Lots of activities for a musician who followed a steady career before appearing like a revelation in the early 2k's Barcelona scene.

Gabriel Berlanga has been composer, vocalist, guitarist and bassist in pop-rock bands since the school days. By the mid-90's, he turned his attention also into the emerging world of electronic dance music. Gabriel started to collect records, dj and to experiment with electronic sounds and structures: playing old synths, loop-samplers and guitar fx. In 2002 he got his own computer and discovered the possibilities of bedroom producing and digital audio. He started to write and produce as Undo surfacing on the wake of the early 2000 electro-boom with a dancefloor bomb called "Mirrorball".

The demise of Minifunk (label where he was originally signed to) and a providential meeting with Vicknoise led to the creation of Factor City and, from then on, things snowballed: resident and artistic director at The Loft/Lolita Clubs in Barcelona, engagements all over the euro geography, a record label in full swing and a string of well received 12's (either solo, with Vicknoise or with MouseUp as Spare Time) and remixes for artists such as Ellen Allien, Akufen, Telex or Trisomie 21. Busy years that passed by really fast but cimented a solid reputation and a profile that only keeps on growing.

2006 sees him going even stronger with the release of his debut album "Despacio", a very personal affair showcasing his interests and influences; halfway between the living room and the dancefloor lies a collection of songs which take inspiration from both modern techno and the indie pop of his school days. A record which is nothing but a further proof of his unique approach to music making and a desire to tear down barriers.