SOUL BUTTON [ Live at Zukunft 11.05.2013 @ Bazaar ]

Already considered in the past an exciting talent, first in the field of Hip -Hop and then in the Techno and House scenes, Soul Button is the new project of a well-established forward thinking dj and producer.

Soul Button is born alongside the Berlin-base house label Steyoyoke: a key figure of the label who follows the same philosophy of putting primary focus on the music and communication rather than on fashionable images and artist names.
In order to convey the message, he chooses the Button to underline the concept:

"Each unbuttoned Button is a disclosed secret,
a higher level of conscious intimacy.
Each fastened Button is a hard barrier,
an insurmountable obstacle.
According to that, the Button becomes a symbol of communication."

In this music world where the artist is considered a collector, a discoverer of sounds, Soul Button blends his love for mellow soul music with slamming groovy house cuts, widely varied styles and influences in which he works together with skilled singers.

Ranging from soulful and melodic deep house to the freshest tech-house and combining his superlative engineering skills, 2012 will be his busiest, most challenging and productive year yet.

Soul Button