Ost & Kjex [ Live at Zukunft 10.11.12 @ Fuse ]


In 2004 Ost & Kjex's first album 'Some But Not All Cheese Comes From the
Moon' was nominated for best electronica album at the Norwegian Grammys.

In the blessed summer of 2008 the two boys from Norway stumbled upon
Hamburg based Croatian Solomun. A lucky meeting resulting in a
collaboration track called "Federgewicht" (Featherweight). It was
released on Solomun's label Diynamic in October 2008.

Right after this, Ost & Kjex were also featured on the first Diyanamic
compilation "Saturday I'm In Love".

Within the release of their second album 'Cajun Lunch' in 2010 on
Diynamic the boys fixed their very unique sound. They also did a
cooperation with Jamie Jones called Summertime and are currently working
on a cooperation with dOP.

Their love for electronic music still takes the boys through the world
churning out theatrical performances and fucked-up live sets for the
dance floor.

Ost & Kjex