Nhar [ Live at Zukunft 24.09.11 @ The Egg & 04.12.09 @ La Bodega ]

Making his first steps in production with the 22 Crew, he is now mainly working on his own eponym solo project and since 2005 he start to release vynil stuffs on various labels like Plak, Mobilee, Modelisme but also exclusive digital releases on both Plex and (again) Plak... Nhar's music could be described as a mix between low minimal wounded grooves and deviant but funky tech/house sequences, a certain kind of minimal techno with both chimic and melancholic influences, always aim to the hypnotic moments in music, he plays some tricks in your mind. Listen carefully... About the stage side, Nhar is still deejaying various kind of records after 7 years behind the decks, and also live sessions, thanks to a complete hardware setup...