MOLLONO.BASS [ Live at Zukunft 13.04.2013 @ The Egg ]

Mollono.Bass loves rich, round sub frequencies like few other things- one of these other things being remixing. Every time the chronically laid-back head honcho of Acker Records receives a digital storage medium full of audio tracks and samples he burst into curious euphoria just like a little boy on the morning of his birthday. There is always a very strong feeling vibrating among the frequencies of his re-designs of different electronic, but also non-electronic genres. The unmistakable earthy groove of his bass is another trademark of his productions, often it is complemented by catchy offbeat rhythms and always the arrangements include lots of classic musical instruments, sometimes also human voices. Over the course of time a many remixes have been created for many different producers and bands, and a considerable number of them gained great feedback among lovers of intelligent, melodic dance music. This CD includes some of the most popular ones and comes with an atmospheric bandwidth that reaches from dreamy deepness to soaring departures.

Mollono Bass