Joff Logartz [ Live at Zukunft 07.07.12 @ Fuse ]

[FR - IRM Records, Connaisseur]

Joff Logartz is running IRM Records since August 2009. He has launched this label in order to promote together new and promising artists with already well known and recognized talented artists from the wordlwide electronic music scene. His friend daWad, one of the first artist, has recently joined IRM's management team.

DJ, Producer and Remixer, Joff Logartz has wide musical influences: all kind of electronic experimentations. From deep and melodic techno to groovy tech-house, from fat bass house music to down tempo, dub, alternative & trip-hop...

His music is often hard to describe or classify, but always dealing with emotions.

Music is just a mater of feelings and rythms...

Joff Logartz