Ghosting Season [ Live at Zukunft 03.03.12 @ Tour & Taxis ]

[UK - Last Night On Earth]

Ghosting Season is Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale.

It was born in 2011 out of the foundations of worriedaboutsatan, the band they have toured and recorded as for over half a decade.

The band began after meeting at Music College in 2005, initially as a side project, but soon grew into the main focus for the duo after their other bands and projects ended in early 2006. The main intention of the band was to start mixing atmospheric guitar sounds with more electronic based elements, which is still the core of the band’s sound now.

Post-rock bands like Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai have helped shape the worriedaboutsatan sound just as much as dance acts like Underworld and Trentemøller have, fusing reverb laden guitars with warm, glitchy electronica.

After the self titled collection of demos and sketches that made up the first release under the name worriedaboutsatan, the first official release as a duo was the single An Infinity Of Oncoming Lights that came out in 2006.

EP02 followed in 2007, which featured both new and reworked material, and in 2009, their debut full length album Arrivals was released to much critical acclaim. In March 2010 the duo put out the similarly praised single Heart Monitor.

2011 saw the band change their name to Ghosting Season. A moniker that seemed to better suit the direction the new material was taking. Their work was still a network of dark, brooding - yet euphoric - electronica, but there began to appear towering, vibrant, and inescapable moments of dance music. The sound was expanding beyond the identity of worriedaboutsatan.

The organic elements of the new project - guitars, voice, and found sound - highlighted the natural growth of the music, and they realised they could no longer contain it under the name, worriedaboutsatan. As its new form became more distinct, they renamed it Ghosting Season.

Ghosting Season’s new album will be released on 11th March 2012 via Last Night On Earth, the label owned by iconic producer Sasha.

Ghosting Season