Davis & May [ Live at Zukunft 07.02.09 @ Brass ]

Behind the production of DAVIS & MAY are 2 talented guys who came together in 2003 and are today working in every free minute of their day as devotionful musicians. Ryan Davis played the guitar since he was 8. He fell in love with electronic music in 1999. He began to produce with different low quality sequencers after first Dj experiences in 2001. Since he met Lanny they..ve been working with Logic and got more producing skills. Lanny May made his own first Dj experiences in 1997. After that he had a lot of gigs over a few years, but other tasks stopped him for a little while. He also worked in a vinyl shop and was always influenced by the latest sounds.. By a fluke ..Lanny and Ryan became friends. Since that day they share their passion for electronic music. With their own labels Maripoza and digitaly *Back Home | Klangwelt they push out some new, future sounding experimental stuff, big dancetunes of themselves and also new talented artists which have an eye for what will coming up. The first release on Maripoza jumped on a Gigolo Compilation and also their last one is singed for an new Mix CD. Feel invited to keep in touch with these two guys, for more interesting and forward thinking music which is made to love it...

Davis & May