Aux N Morris [ Live at Zukunft 14.05.11 @ The Egg ]

The two guys from Aux n Morris met for the first time in a record store philosophising about electronic dance music and decided that some things work out better in pairs. So they started producing music and in 2002 they founded Aux n Morris.
Chris and Tammy aka Aux n Morris describe their sound as a 'deep atmospheric progressive sound laced with a fusion of forward thinking music fuelled with emotion and intensity'.
Lay back, enjoy the music and build your own opinion on how to call it...

Interview with Chris Aux and Tammy Morris from Aux n Morris

Where are you from?
We were both born and raised in Schönebeck, a small town on the Elbe River and the city's harsh character has certainly influenced us.

How would you describe the music scene in East Germany?
The scene is not very different from the West of Germany. It is extremely diverse, partly very tough and rather operating in the underground.

Please tell us about your musical background.
When I was 11 years old I organised disco nights in schools where I mixed Hip Hop, Rock and Pop with two tape decks. In 1993 I went to a techno party in Magdeburg where Hardsequenzer played in an abandoned factory. The people and the music made such an impression on me that from then on, I went out partying every weekend all over Germany. In the mid-1990s I was often in Hannover, Berlin and Hamburg and met a lot of people. I started spinning myself because I had always been fascinated by reaching people with music. During this time I played many gigs in East as well as North Germany and was resident at Live Music Circus Köthen -one of the hippest clubs in Saxony-Anhalt at that time. I then started concentrating on producing. Producing has its own magic, like playing vinyls had its magic back then, as it allows me to constantly develop myself further.

I worked as a light jockey in a club when I was 15 years old and every Friday there were rave parties with local DJs. This is where I heard my first DJ mix and how I got into djing myself. I had started composing music one year earlier with an Amiga 500 and some tracker music programmes. This is how it all started. I taught myself to play piano, guitar and to sing. Back then I didn't have any contacts to like-minded people so that I had to teach myself to compose tracks... well, it worked out ;)

What does music mean to you?
Electronic music has been by our side since our adolescence and accompanied us through all the ups and downs that we have experienced. In short, we live music. There is no better way for us to convey emotions, moods and thoughts than through music.

What is your division of work when making music?
We play around a lot separately and then we get together go through the results as a team. If we like something we develop it further but this process can take up to several months.

How did you get into producing and when did you start to work on your album ‘Weird Dreams’?
Chris had already produced for a moment and I also wanted to break new ground. As a matter of fact, we sat down together and started to work on our first tracks. Subconsciously, we started working on the album in 2005 -this is when we did 'Snowflakes'.

How would you describe your style of music?
We don't like stereotyped thinking :) However, we do have an inclination to dramaturgy and always want to tell a story with our music. This also shows on 'Weird Dreams'. Though, this is only one aspect since we love every kind of electronic music. For us it is all about enjoying ourselves.

What is the purpose of your music?
We want to touch people with our music. We want to make them think and that is quite difficult without the use of spoken words. We always imagine certain situations in our lives. Things that we have experienced, good things as well as bad things and we translate them into music.

Tell us more about 'Weird Dreams'?
The songs on the album are very diverse and one may say partly even bold. If you listen to the album over and over again, you will see that all songs have a personal touch to them and that you never know what will happen next. It is as if you fall asleep and dream: something happens to you and later on you still wonder why you had these weird dreams.

Was your EP 'Zauberwald' some sort of preparation for 'Weird Dreams'?
Yes, this was Andrea's idea who, with his label No Border Recordings, supports us tremendously. We wanted to see how people react to our music.

Your track titles are all very figurative. How do you come up with them?
This happens after listening to the tracks again and again. It is as if a short movie is playing in our heads.

What is your inspiration?
LIFE inspires us: people, emotions, nature as well as the good and the bad.

What are your plans for the future?
We are very busy working on our life set. Furthermore, we are working on a new EP that is likely to be released by the end of this year. We’ve also received some remix requests. Wait and see! :-)

Interview: Pia T.

Aux N Morris